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Capital Markets Today (CMT) was founded by Louis Amaya, an industry veteran with more then 25+ years of industry experience.  The online podcast highlights industry experts discussing capital markets, whole loan, MSR, secondary trading, real estate and mortgage related topics.  The CMT website aggregates industry tweets, stories and commentary from industry experts and lastly we aggregate mortgage data such as interest rates, default trends, housing starts, etc. 

Louis Amaya is also the co-founder and CEO of PEMCO Capital Management,  At PEMCO Capital Management, Mr. Amaya is responsible for acquisitions, trading, portfolio management and operations.

PEMCO Capital Management supports the acquisition and management efforts of various investment funds in the distressed residential debt and real estate related asset classes.  Our strategic partner, Southside Community Development & Housing Corporation, a 501c3 HUD certified non-profit, co-manages our portfolios to ensure borrower outreach performance and achievement of neighborhood stabilization outcomes via homeowner retention or affordable housing.  Our investor partners benefit from unique & negotiated trade acquisition channels developed because of our distinctive structure as well as increased performance due to borrower first party contact ratios and operational excellence thorugh our asset management platform.

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